🎯Mission and Vision

Our Target


All Crypto projects strive to get Elon Musk's attention and even tag him in their Tweets to get more views. We have read "TO THE MOON" hundreds of thousands of times as a reference to a big rise in the price of an asset.

Well, imagine being the first Crypto project to support space exploration and getting their attention with a huge 1 Million Dollars check supporting the work and mission of Space X. But it won't just be $1 million, that will be our big milestone now. that from each transaction, %3 of the taxes will go to a wallet where your funds will be to support space exploration.

Our mission during the next 6 years (first until 2025 to the moon and in 2029 to Mars) provide liquidity to Space X, with %3 of the taxes in each transaction:

Sale of merchandising

Once the Merchandising trade is enabled, the modality will be to distribute 50% of the profits also for the Space X Wallet and the other 50% will be for buying and burning $ARK.

Thanks to the token economy, $ARK will burn its supply in each transaction and due to the nature of the project, the price will go up until it reaches "TO THE MOON" or will it be... "TO MARS"???


Decentralized does not have to mean "anonymity" and use this as an excuse to defraud the trust of project investors. We believe that we have a responsibility to restore credibility in BSC projects and that a crypto project does not have to end at zero.

We want to have a project with the entire Doxxed team, using real profiles and photos on Telegram and Twitter, with all the links to their networks.

Together, the team and the holders, we want to go down in history as one of the best projects of the year 2023, and manage to remain over time, with a sustainable profit and economy, making history and leaving a mark.

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